About Us

A note from Ms. Anderson

After marrying and having two children, I realized I was destined to practice law. So, I attended South Texas College of Law, many times with my daughter, Carolina, in tow. After receiving my license in 1995, I opened a solo practice in the Clear Lake area which quickly grew. In the meantime, my husband, Russell, completed his Master of Finance degree and joined the practice. In 2007, the practice was moved to Dickinson to be closer to our home in Santa Fe, Texas. After Carolina completed law school, she formally joined the practice, and in 2014, we began practicing under the name Anderson Pfeiffer, PC. Several other members of the staff have been with me for almost two decades. We are family, we are colleagues, we are friends…we are a team of many professionals with completely different personalities and styles of practice, all built on the same foundation of honesty, integrity and hard work. I believe clients are referred to us because of our aggressive pursuit of the cause. I believe clients come back to us because of our dedication to detail, our respect for the individual and the issue, and the relationship we build with them through what is sometimes a very difficult and emotional time. I have been blessed with this practice and the opportunity to work with my family and friends. It is what I love to do, and what I was meant to do. I believe my clients see that too. We truly look forward to working with you on whatever your legal needs may be. -Es